Submission Rencontres Internationales

Kinetic sculpture and performance


What was the last decision you made? To read this text?

What was the first decision you made this morning?
How many decisions have you made since then?
Why are you making exactly these decisions?

How would you describe yourself?
As free?
As independent?
As a functioning part of a system? Is „to function“ enough for a good life?
Which consequences would occur with the decision to leave the system that you are in right now? Is only the first decision good or is it good with all its consequences?
What do you really want?

Are you here by coincident or willingly?
Here in this room, here in this state of your life?

Who actually decides here?

I am not interested in giving answers, but in rising questions. It’s all about decisions, as everything one does is consequence of a decision, either to do exactly this or to do something else that led to something that has to be done as consequence of the first decision. Decisions by whom?

I want to open up a space and a time for reflection.

With the opening of the exhibition „AS FAR AS THE EYE CAN SEE“ is not completed and just on display here. As the work can not be seen from the outside I invite you to step into the room, to become part of the work, to walk through it, to explore its rhythm, space, yourself.

By the way, this work has absolutely nothing to do with Lawrence Weiner.



General Information:

The work consists of moving panels, each 1,5 meter wide and 2,5 meter high. On the video you see 27 panels, but the amount of panels depends on the size of the room. On one panel a video is projected. As the panels reflect light and partly work like mirrors the video can be seen on various panels as they constantly move. The same happens as soon as performers or the audience enters the room. A 4-channel-audio installation is also part of the work. If this work is chosen for rencontres internationales I want to work with normal people/performers living in Paris.



Mila Hundertmark was born in Emden, Germany. She studied media art at the Bauhaus-University Weimar and graduated in 2012. Mila Hundertmark is living as a freelance artist in Darmstadt, Germany.
In her works sound, video, text, installation and performance merge to an immersive space, questioning power, society and individual.

Mila Hundertmarks works are shown worldwide. Her performance „Failure is no option“ is represented in the Goethe Institut edition „New Videoart from Germany“ and was exhibited amongst other venues in Seoul/South Korea, Taipeh/Taiwan, Shanghai/China, Johannesburg/South Africa and Chicago/USA.
Other performances and exhibitions were shown at the Blue Star Contemporary San Antonio, USA, Kunsthalle Darmstadt, Akademie der Künste Berlin, MIT Boston, Natural History Museum Vienna, WDR Cologne, Ballhaus Ost Berlin and ZKM Center for Art and Media Karlsruhe.

Mila Hundertmark has received various awards and scholarships including a graduate scholarship from the Bauhaus-University, the award of and admission to the Darmstädter Sezession, a scholarship of the academy of science and literature Mainz, an admission to the Hessische Theatertage 2017, several grants from the city of Frankfurt/Main and Darmstadt and residencies amongst others at the sculptural Museum Marl and the LAB in Frankfurt/Main.

Recent projects include „Fragments“, „I give everything, give a little, too“, „Depending on what happens, something happens“, „Deadly women“, „Who would have decided that“, „Continue“, „What you could call the absolute reality“, „I can do it“, „We have to talk“ and „Failure is no option“. More about these works on